Welcome to the Highlifeturntable. The purpose of this blog is to provide a way for people to listen to rare highlife music from Ghana and Nigeria. I plan to post tracks from my private collection along with a little commentary on what I know about the artist and what I like about the LP.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

King Yeboah

I don't have much information on King Yeboah, but this song off his 1979 Onipa Nye release is first rate. It is an easy going song that stretches out over 8 minutes, but the downtempo pacing of the guitar playing and the pitch of the vocals really stand out for me. Check out the extended guitar solo around the 5 minute mark. I hope you like it.



  1. Aaaahhh, you should still post them as Mp3s

  2. You are awsome!!!!! Thanks for this album. Another great group out of Ghana is the "City boys of Ghana" if you can please.

    God bless.

  3. I can look around for the city boys, but Niek over at http://highlifehaven.blogspot.com/ is the real fan of this band. Maybe he has some posts.

  4. I love the track. However, is it just me, or there really is no way of downloading the last few tracks you've posted?

  5. I appreciate the feedback. I have a service that embeds the tracks into my website. I did this because I was not comfortable, for copyright reasons, to continue posting the tracks as MP3's. I hope this does not diminishes your enjoyment of the music.