Welcome to the Highlifeturntable. The purpose of this blog is to provide a way for people to listen to rare highlife music from Ghana and Nigeria. I plan to post tracks from my private collection along with a little commentary on what I know about the artist and what I like about the LP.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Black Spiders led by Charles Boumada

For the next selection on the highlife turntable,  I have selected the track Oboro chi kele chi ya from the Black Spiders 1979 LP Eluka Alanma released on the Scottie label. The leader of the band was Charles Boumda, who began his music career with the Great Abaraka Guitar band before he became the lead guitarist for the Oriental Brothers International.  He is the one in the middle in the blue vest and afro. The liner notes go on to say

  In their new album 'Eluka Alanma" they put, accurately, sweet words into sweet sounds that blow the mind.

I like the drum opening at the beginning and the vocals caught my ear, especially the way the lead vocalist De Mummee Ambrosa Amadi stretches out his words during his solos, so I thought I'd share it to see what you think.  Let me know if you have any information to add.  I hope you enjoy it   Style points to the guy at the end for those shoes. 


  1. Hi Michael
    excelente songs

    Juan Carlos

  2. Excellent musical work, one of the best songs I've heard.

    It will be possible to have this whole album?

    My email is rotaru215@hotmail.com, I can be found in D'Afrique vibes as ralf2152


  3. Michael, don't know how I missed this one before - great song - thanks for putting it on the turntable for us