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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nyame Bekyere Band - KonKoma

For the next selection on the Highlife Turntable, I have selected a medley by the Nyame Bekyere band led by Seaboy J.N. Ebroni, which is on the first side of the Ride Way release Konkoma.

I have posted other tracks by this band off their Seaboy release, so I do not have much more information except to say Nyame Bekyere appears to be a town in Western Ghana.

The tracks on the side are Olomgbomgbom, Kekerenikrei, Kikam, Boyepe Kileme, Mehandane, and Kon ima.  The flow of the vocals, the organ playing and percussion work really stand out for me in this song.  The record cover has a list of the members of the band:

J.N. Ebroni: Tenor Singer and Arranger.
Kwesi Mould: Guitarist and Treble Singer
Dr. Kwabena Blackie: Ballatone
Regina Akosua Boakyewa: High Alto
Alfred Kadi: Drummer and Alto singer
Kwadjo Donkor: Congalist
Jima: Organist
Konfie: Cre's
Kojo Base: Bassist
Ogti Nana Sammy: Maracass

Please let me know if you know what a Cre is.  It appears to be part of a cello so I am assuming it is a stringed instrument, but it might also be a percussion instrument similar to a steel drum.  Wikipedia also says the balafon (bala, balaphone) is a resonated frame, wooden keyed percussion idiophone of West Africa; part of the idiophone family of tuned percussion instruments that includes the xylophone, marimba, glockenspiel, and vibraphone.  Sound is produced by striking the tuned keys with two padded sticks

I hope you enjoy the music


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