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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fax Clark

Fax Clark, 1925-1997, was a trumpeter from the Ivory Coast. Born in Taboo (South-West - Ivory Coast) he was heavily influenced by Louis Armstrong. I've seen 2 45's and a compilation with his work on it and I have somewhere in the back off my mind that he was associated with Manu Dibango in the 70's and may have owned a nightclub in the Ivory Coast.

The song is called Findjougou and is off a 45 I bought on ebay. The vocals are very reminiscent of Louis Armstrong. I like the growling call and response of the lyrics and the sparse jazz instrumentation, especially Clark's thready trumpet work towards the end of the song.


The afrisson website has some more information.


See what you think.


  1. very very nice tune thanks very much for sharing it

  2. I am glad you liked the music and thanks for checking out the site.

  3. Amazing

    any chance of some more?

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  5. Maybe, let me listen to the other tracks again and I'll see if there is anything that pops out at me. Although, this is one of his best songs. I also see this 45 come up periodically on ebay.

  6. Hey Michael,

    i think its great you are sharing you massive highlife knowledge with the world.

    If I remember correctly from digging around about clark, he was mentioned briefly in Manu Dibango's autobiography as owning a nightclub in brussels at the time dibango recorded some of his early work there. he also turns up on an ivoirian compilation that was posted recently on the worldservice blog

  7. He did own at least on night club in Adjamé (Abidjan's suburb) late 60's : I went there and used to play with him and his guys; And maybe another one "Le Colombo" in Abijan-Plateau

    1. Hi, I recently discovered that I am related to Fax Clark (my fathers cousin) and i can't find much about him online. Can you please tell me more, if you met him?

  8. Jacque

    I appreciate your comment. I'd love to know more about the career Fax Clarck had. One of my other listeners told me he moved the France at one point and was very popular in the Ivory Coast. Is there anything else you can tell me about him? Especially about the kind of music he was playing and whether or not he put out any 12 inch records. I have a few 45's. You can post your response here or email me at ubulujaja@yahoo.com