Welcome to the Highlifeturntable. The purpose of this blog is to provide a way for people to listen to rare highlife music from Ghana and Nigeria. I plan to post tracks from my private collection along with a little commentary on what I know about the artist and what I like about the LP.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

KitaWonsa led by Otehere-Darko

For the next selection on the highlife turntable, I have selected the track Monye No BreBre by the band Kitawonsa led by Otehere-Darko.  It is an Akan highlife recorded by Phillips in 1974.  I could not find anything about the band, but the word Kitawonsa means Restrain your hand.  The exuberant vocal interplay between the three vocalists really make the song stand out.  Super stuff.  The 45 lists the three vocalists as E.O. Darko, K. Affram, and K. Okai.  See what you think

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  1. Thanks,
    Very nice. K. Okai must be Kwabene Okai, the famous treble singer in EK Nyame's band.