Welcome to the Highlifeturntable. The purpose of this blog is to provide a way for people to listen to rare highlife music from Ghana and Nigeria. I plan to post tracks from my private collection along with a little commentary on what I know about the artist and what I like about the LP.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Osita and his Seven Brothers Band - Ezi Okwu Di Nnua

For the next selection on the highlife turntable. I have selected the track Ezi Okwu Di Nnua by Osita and his Seven Brothers Band from their 1979 Jicco release Ofu Osisi Adi Eme Ofia.

There was no information on the liner notes about the band, but they sing in Igbo.  The rough translation of the song title is truth is the husband/father. The two things that really stood out for me were the vocals and the horn playing. Check out the horn riffs at the beginning, at the 4:30 mark and towards the end. Classic stuff.  I hope you like.


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